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The Injector

Welcome to Boemy Aesthetics. My name is Tabatha and I am a Registered Nurse, Licensed in New Hampshire & Massachusetts. I have been working in hospitals and healthcare since 2010 and my passion for helping others has always been my driving force. I am certified in many areas from Cardiac, Intensive Care, Healthcare Management and my favorite... Cosmetic Injectables (my niche). 

Outside of the office I am a mom of  3, a dog lover and a military veteran of 18 years. I wanted create a company where my work-life balance is full of passion and I am wholeheartedly enjoying what I do. Seeing change in someone's appearance cosmetically is one thing I love, but making someone truly feel their best self is where I feel the most fulfilled.  I am a firm believer "If you feel good you look good". 

I provide services that include neurotoxins (temporarily relaxing the muscles that create permanent wrinkles) and enhancement of areas with the use of fillers. Some examples of enhancement include filling in unwanted creases in the face & creating fuller lips and cheekbones. Book a consult if you are new to neurotoxins or fillers and let's talk about the process. Happy to answer any questions, message me today!

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