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The Injector

Welcome to Boemy Aesthetics. My name is Tabatha and I'm a Nurse, Licensed in New Hampshire & Massachusetts. I have been working in hospitals and healthcare since 2010 and my passion for helping others has always been my driving force. I am certified in many areas from Cardiac, Intensive Care, Healthcare Management, and my favorite... Cosmetic Injectables (my niche). 

Outside of the office, I am a mom of 4, a dog lover, and a military veteran with  20 years of service. I wanted to create a space where my work-life balance is full of passion and I am wholeheartedly enjoying what I do. Seeing the change in someone's appearance cosmetically is one thing I love, but making someone truly feel their best is where I feel the most fulfilled.  I am a firm believer in "If you feel good you look good"

 Book a consultation if you are new to neurotoxins, fillers or skincare and let's talk about the process. I can't wait to answer your questions, message me today!

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